Junior Lennon Company Secetary & Executive Director

Junior Lennon was born in 1943 and originates from Linstead Jamaica. He arrived in Oxford in the late sixties where he embarked on a psychiatric nursing career. Following his nursing background Junior’s career lead him to work for British Leyland. Looking to further his career Junior decided to become his own boss and became self-employed by becoming the first West Indian Publican in Reading in the late 70s. Following this Junior decided to return to Oxford and began running and owning a number of public houses. It was while a publican and wanting to give something back to the community Junior became one of the founding members in establishing the Oxfordshire Ethnic Minorities Enterprise Development Ltd including EMAS. He was also a member of the Oxford Committee for Community Relations and Racial Integration and Chair on the independent Monitoring Board at prisons for over 20 years. At present Junior is the EMBS Company Secretary and Executive Director and a psychiatric nurse for the NHS. In 2015 Junior was presented with an Outstanding Achievement award by the Load Mayor of Oxford.