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The ACE Program – Academic & Career Excellence

Are you between 16 – 19 years old and do not know which direction you want to take after your studies? Or perhaps you have not achieved the grades you wanted in order to progress onto further education?

If so, the ACE Program at EMBS College could be the course for you.

A one year, full-time course spread over 5 days a week. Aimed at those learners that want to achieve and improve their GCSE English & Maths Level; we can help you get ready for employment by improving your confidence, your language and communication skills, and also your organisational and people skills to give you that extra edge in the job market.

Alternatively, if you have your heart set on going to college and then perhaps onto university; our supported learning environment can help you gain those essential qualifications you missed the first time round. Our dedicated tutors can help you every step of the way, to ensure that you can fulfil your dreams of further education. There is absolutely no reason for you to miss out!

Alongside your studies we also offer support for you to do a one day a week work placement or volunteering project. Aside from being a positive way to give back to the local community, it will look great on your CV or on that all important personal statement on your college application.

What we are all about

The ACE Program focuses its efforts on creating a learning environment that is rich in topics such as identity, culture and community and will also explore thought provoking and controversial subject matters, such as the political situation, major world events, interesting cases in crime news; such as religion & cults; football and the rise of celebrity culture to name but a few.

The ACE Program aims to enhance your learning by creating a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with modern facilities, where you are treated as an adult and are encouraged to work in the way that best suits you.

Entry Requirements

All applicants will need to provide evidence of their previous English & Maths level. We may also require you to undertake an initial assessment in English and Maths and to meet with a member of the team to discuss your eligibility for the course.

What Qualifications you will gain from the ACE Program

First and foremost we will do our utmost to ensure you gain your English and Maths GCSEs and/or Functional Skills qualification. Alongside this, you will also gain your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

Contact our staff today at and arrange to attend one of our open evenings and see what we have to offer.

The ACE Program; the clear choice for the next generation of learning!