IT and Digital Skills

Courses Available

Courses Aims

Computers and the internet play an essential role in our everyday lives. People who lack the skills to use computers and the internet often miss out on valuable resources and run the risk of being left behind. We offer a range of IT learning programs starting from courses for complete beginners and those with limited knowledge of computers and the internet to advanced level courses including Level 2 and Level 3 IT courses.

Before starting any of these courses, you will be assessed at EMBS to determine your level of IT skills. This will help you decide the most efficient way to start learning computing with us and an appropriate level to begin your learning journey.

How will I learn?

You will start your learning at an appropriate level gaining your knowledge through tutor supported work on computer and working through workbooks and manuals, self-learning by using online course-ware, working in small groups and one to one tutorials. You will be involved in practical projects and work simulated assignments, going through preparatory or mock testing and analysing results with your tutor in order to determine the best way to improve your skills through revision and additional work. All our courses are certified, leading towards nationally recognised and employable IT qualifications. You will also have the opportunity to speak to representatives of further education colleges and local universities about the prospects of continuing your learning after you have completed your course with us.

What will I gain from the course?

By gaining an accredited IT qualification and appropriate certificates you will be able to prove to employers what you are capable of on a computer. Our courses are excellent for people who want to learn more about computers, to use their skills at home, to shop and bank online, to stay in touch with friends and family or to help their relatives and children in everyday life. Some of our more advanced courses can help you gain access to higher level courses in colleges and universities.

What can I progress to?

We can give you advice and information to help you plan your next step, whether you would like to progress to a higher level IT programme or to study another course such as English and Maths at EMBS.

Presently we offer IT learning journey and progression from Entry 3 Award & Certificate in IT skills (Foundation), ITQ Certificate Level 1 (Equivalent to GCSE, D-G), ITQ Certificate Level 2 (Equivalent to GCSE A-C), and ITQ Certificate & Diploma Level 3 – ITQ Level 3 (Equivalent to A level).

We can also help you with your CV, job application and references if you are looking for work. If you had a job or qualifications in your own country, we can help you work towards finding work or the right course in this country.

British Computing Society Tests

EMBS are able to offer onsite test facilities for those learners wishing to gain a BCS certificate, without attending our classes. Test Fees £70.