Certificate in IT (ECDL Extra) – ITQ Level 2

Course aims

Regardless of your present employment situation, the ITQ is your chance to learn new computer skills and gain a valuable qualification at the same time. Having an IT qualification could be the best way to improve your job prospects or just to help you feel more comfortable using a computer in your spare time.

With the ITQ you will cover word processing, spreadsheets and presentation and show that you can improve your work efficiency by applying skills and knowledge acquired in using those three applications.


The benefits




Word Processing using MS Word 2010 


This module will enable you to use a word processing application to create and manipulate documents and use comprehensive text formatting tools. You will also learn how to handle long documents, use headers and footers and prepare document for printing, create tables, import objects, and merge a mailing list with a document.


Module Content:


Spreadsheets using MS Excel 2010 


This module will enable you to work with a spreadsheet application to insert and manipulate data. You will also learn how to create formulae and function, format and control printing, import objects, and create and adjust charts.


Module Content:


Presentation using Power Point 2010 


This module will enable you to work with a presentation application to insert, manipulate, and format text, images, and slides. You will also learn how to draw objects and produce charts for a presentation; how to print and distribute a presentation; and how to add special effects to a slide presentation.


Module content:


Improving Productivity Using IT skills



Computers are used to help us with lots of different things. If you want to solve number problems, store data, or even watch movies then a computer can make all those things quick and easy. Because of this, it’s important to know when a computer might be able to help you with everyday tasks at work, or even at home.

During this course, you’ll get a better idea of when using a computer might help you get a task done quicker and simpler than if you did it manually. You’ll learn a straightforward decision making process which will help you to choose the right computer software to help you.

This module will help you to understand some of the main concepts and techniques in effective uses of Word Processor, Spreadsheets & Presentations. Once the course is completed you will be able to plan, select appropriate tool, create and modify work orientated solution and apply IT skills and knowledge to improve productivity and efficiency at work.


Module Content:

At the end of the course, after completion of three module tests and the final assessment Improving Productivity using IT Skills, successful candidates will achieve BCS Certificate in IT User Skills (ECDL Extra) – ITQ Level 2.